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P3 Research Assistant Internship

Each year, the PhARM Program recruits up to three University of Texas at Austin P2 College of Pharmacy students for a year-long (May to August) internship to take place in their P3 year. Selected P3 PhARM RAs will assist PhARM colleagues in conducting their research and meeting project deliverables. Additionally, RAs will lead their own project, with the goals of presenting project findings at a national conference for poster presentation and writing a manuscript. RAs will work remotely, ~5-10 hours per week (flexible to meet school needs) and be paid $20 per hour. 

Recruitment will begin in January 2025 and selected candidates will be asked to interview with the internship supervisors in February 2025. Online applications will be accepted from January 6 - 26. All application materials must be received by January 26, 2025 at 5:00 PM CST. No applications will be considered after this date / time. 

Internship Supervisors

Lindsey Loera, PharmD

Hill Photo Square.jpg

Lucas Hill, PharmD

Bosworth Photo (1).jpeg

Jennifer Bosworth, PharmD


Q. Do I have to be in the Austin region to apply?

A. No! Any region is acceptable, we work from home.

Q. I don't have research experience... can I still apply?

A. Yes! Prior research experience is not required.

Q. What specifically will weekly tasks look like?

A. Attending a recurring 12pm Monday PhARM meeting each week. Other responsibilities depend on the specific projects underway at that time. Examples of possible duties includes: literature searching, writing summaries, journal club presentations, creating Qualtrics surveys, data cleaning, assisting with IRB submissions, developing abstracts for conferences, assistance with manuscript development, etc. No matter what the duties are, thorough explanation, guidance, and mentorship will be provided beforehand.

Q. Do RAs have autonomy to create the research project they will lead?

A. To an extent. The research the PhARM Program conducts must meet the deliverables of our funded contracts. Dr. Hill and Dr. Loera typically compile a list of potential options and allow RAs to select what they are most interested in.

RA Testimonials

Johnson (2)_edited.jpg

"The PhARM Program has been an amazing experience so far. I have been able to provide support to other projects, lead my own research project, practice journal club presentations, and most importantly work with fellow peers and wonderful mentors, such as Dr. Hill, Dr. Loera. Dr. Hill and Dr. Loera provide support and mentorship throughout this internship, which has been very important for my professional and personal development. In this internship, you gain a better understanding of substance use disorders, barriers people face in recovery, and where in healthcare these barriers can be improved. Plus, it is a paid internship and very flexible with the student schedule. It’s a unique learning experience that can be challenging, but you learn how to lead while also making an impact in your community. Also, you get to work with a great team that mentors and supports you."


PharmDc 2025

Rodriguez (2).jpg

"Being an RA has proven to be one of the most enriching experiences during my time in pharmacy school. I've learned so much about the significant impact pharmacists can have on harm reduction and their ability to enhance the quality of life for patients with a substance use disorder. Additionally, I've been fortunate to contribute to research activities, including reviewing primary literature, constructing surveys, and learning about data analysis. This involvement has deepened my understanding of treatment options and challenges faced by individuals with a substance use disorder. Drs. Hill and Loera are very flexible in accommodating the schedules of RAs. The PhARM team recognizes the priorities of students and consistently offers a helping hand for any assistance needed. This experience is great for students interested in gaining insights into dismantling barriers to accessing quality care, diminishing stigma, and engaging in educational initiatives. Apply because the experience is worth it!"


PharmDc 2025

Garcia (2)_edited.jpg

"Throughout my time as an RA, I have had the opportunity to take on my own research project as well as assist in many others. This position has allowed me as a pharmacy student to engage in crucial conversations about harm reduction, barriers to treatment for SUDs, and recovery. This team is extremely supportive of your goals as a student, and they are willing to work with you to ensure you get the best experience from this internship. The time commitment is extremely reasonable and flexible considering the workload of our pharmacy curriculum. No prior research experience is necessary because Dr. Hill and Dr. Loera will guide you through tasks and projects continuously. I highly recommend applying for this position!"


PharmDc 2025


"My experience with the PhARM Program has been amazing so far. I've had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of substance use disorders, and what role pharmacists and researchers can have in treatment and harm reduction. I have also had the opportunity to present journal clubs, provide support on miscellaneous projects, and took the lead on a research project this past spring semester. I would consider applying for the position if any of these interest you, even if you do not have any prior experience in the field. Drs. Hill and Loera, along with the rest of the team, do a wonderful job of providing support while encouraging personal and professional growth. The workload is definitely doable with P3 curriculum and other leadership/jobs that you may have. Please reach out if you have any specific questions about the role!"

Grace Ukazim, pharmd

PGY1 Resident - University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center


"This experience will help you gain a better understanding of the types of barriers people with substance use disorders face in their journey to recovery. There are opportunities to provide assistance to on-going projects, work on your own research, practice journal clubs, and go to conferences to present your work. The PhARM team is incredibly supportive, understanding, and want their RAs to gain a variety of valuable experiences during their time in the program, and having mentors in Dr. Hill and Dr. Loera is also a major plus. I feel very fortunate to be part of a team of people who passionately advocate for an underrepresented population and help to determine ways to overcome these barriers to achieving health equality. On top of all this, it is a PAID internship and very flexible with the student schedule. There is so much to learn about how we can take a more humanistic approach to health outcomes and the larger issues that expand beyond just the need to provide adequate treatment for patients. If you want a valuable experience in pharmacy school that will expand your understanding of crucial issues impacting our healthcare system and access to care, I highly recommend applying to be a PhARM RA!"


"This research internship is unlike any other opportunity available to you during pharmacy school (or any other pharmacy school for that matter). If you’re interested in making a tangible impact on patient care through research (think: literature searching, writing, presenting, publishing, and professional collaboration) and are hungry for learning about mental health and substance use disorders - you MUST apply for this position! You are constantly exposed to experts in the ever-expanding field of addiction medicine whether it’s during weekly PhARM meetings or attending multi-disciplinary conferences. Dr. Hill, Dr. Loera, and Claire Zagorski always foster an open atmosphere of learning and respect. I feel so honored to be considered an integral part of the team that is producing such valuable contributions to this field. This is a unique chance to be closely mentored and challenged while also knowing that you’re really making a difference."

Dr. Morgan Murchison, PharmD

PGY2 Resident - Central Texas VA

Amber Tran, pharmd

PGY1 Resident - Saint Francis Health System

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