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Fewer Than Half of U.S. Pharmacies Carry One of the Most Effective Drugs for Opioid Abuse

2022 | Time

Naloxone available for free at the University of Texas

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New access point on UT campus makes Narcan more accessible to students

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An Anti-overdose Drug Is Getting Stronger. Maybe That’s a Bad Thing?

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How much naloxone is needed to reverse an opioid overdose? New high-dose treatments are raising questions

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A myth that lingers on: Casual contact with fentanyl causes overdoses

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A Guide to Fentanyl Touch Overdoses, Which Do Not Exist

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Can you OD from touching fentanyl? How that myth gained a foothold among first responders

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Drug Overdoses Spiked During The Pandemic. What's Fueling The Surge?

2021 | Public Radio

On College Campuses, Making Overdose Medication Readily Available

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